Summer Solstice at Stonehenge Guide 2024

From the evening of Thursday 20th June to Friday 21st June 2024, the Summer Solstice will occur, drawing thousands of people to this special site.  On Thursday 20th June, Stonehenge will experience the shortest night of the year. Then, on 21st June it will be the longest day of the year. The sun will rise at 4:51am over the heel stone.

For thousands of years, the ancient monument of Stonehenge has been the gathering place for the yearly solstices.

The Summer Solstice sunrise holds a special spiritual importance for people across the south-west, across England and further afield. The Summer Solstice has been celebrated at this site as a spiritual event by people for thousands of years – since Stonehenge was built in 2600BC.

Today, the Summer and Winter Solstices provide the best time to get up close and personal with the stones. 

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Will Stonehenge Be Open for the Summer Solstice?

Stonehenge monument field will be open from 7pm in the evening of Thursday 20th June 2024. It allows managed open access for visitors to come and celebrate the solstice, with free entry. English Heritage asks all visitors to the Summer Solstice to pre-book car parking as their car park is limited in space and to help reduce extra congestion around the site.

There is also dedicated information on safety facilities and welfare, what and what not to bring, travelling to Stonehenge, disabled access and how to respect the stones here. For people who wish to observe the sunrise at Stonehenge but cannot make it to the site, English Heritage offers a 24/7 live stream from the middle of the stones, which can be viewed on the English Heritage YouTube Channel and Facebook page.

The best way to keep up to date with the plans for Solstice 2024 at Stonehenge is to keep an eye on the English Heritage Stonehenge website.

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